A dynamic and progressive internship program operated out of the Department of Information Studies.

Services Provided

The MLIS Program Manager will advertise any internship opportunities you have available at your organization. They will help you recruit students to work as interns for any quarter of the academic year.

Who We Serve

All organizations with employees who have earned an MLIS degree are eligible to participate in our internship program. Organizations typically include libraries, museums, archives and schools.

Mission and Goals

At the UCLA Department of Information Studies, we believe that information, data and knowledge, and associated networks, technologies and practices are central to the transformation and betterment of society. Motivated by a vision of social justice, we strive to make these visible, accessible, accountable and sustainable for today and for the future.

Campus Affiliation

Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
UCLA Department of Information Studies 300 North Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095