Consultation, training and resources aim to strengthen the capacity of the arts community and promote the professional development of artists with disabilities.

Services Provided

Consultation, Small Grants Program, Dissemination, Advocacy, Resources, Online Art Gallery, Directory of Artists with Disabilities.

Who We Serve

Artists with disabilities, visual, performing, media, and literary arts organizations, museums, schools, colleges, and cultural arts organizations.

Mission and Goals

Promote inclusion of audiences & artists with disabilities into all facets of arts community. Aims to strengthen the capacity of mainstream arts community to include artists & audiences with disabilities and promote professional development of artists with disabilities. Free consultation, resources, free online gallery, and Arts and Accessibility Program.

“Accessibility grants and commitment to accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities in the arts has been instrumental in the growth of inclusive practice in California” AXIS Dance Company.

Thanks to the NADC, I am now defined as an artist for what I can do rather than what I cannot.

— D.S. Sully, Artist

Creating this new portfolio of work has been very rewarding as I have obtained sales and inspired patrons. I could not have done this without the Arts and Accessibility Program.

— Kurt Weston

The NADC provided funding to supports costs for a captioned performance of Spring Awakening, which featured 10 deaf actors. Cast member Ali Stroker made history as the first ever actor in a wheelchair to perform on Broadway.

— Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts