Research center for the study of Jewish culture, religion, and civilization in California and one of the largest and most active centers in the world. The Leve Center is dedicated to advancing scholarship in Jewish culture and history; educating the next generation; and serving as an exceptional public resource for Jewish life and learning.

Services Provided

As a global, transnational, and trans-media field of inquiry, Jewish Studies stretches from Israel and the Middle East, N. Africa and the Mediterranean, the Americas and even China. The Leve Center is also active in innovative projects including but not limited to-- Mapping Jewish LA, Sephardic Archive Initiative, Moroccan and Jewish Studies Initiative.

Who We Serve

Organizations, institutions, synagogues, and/or individuals in possession of significant reservoirs of archival materials and memories that provide insight into Los Angeles’ many Jewish histories.

Mission and Goals

The Leve Center is an interdisciplinary research center focused on all aspects of Jewish history, religion, culture, and civilization in its broadest scope. The purpose of the Leve Center is to support UCLA faculty and student research in Jewish Studies, as well as bring this research to the broader UCLA community and the general public.

Impact Statement

The Leve Center serves over 40 affiliated faculty, graduate and undergraduate students across the College from Humanities to Social Sciences, and the Jewish community of Greater Los Angeles.