UCNRS reserve in Santa Monica Mountains, 310 acres of pristine land, includes Cold Creek watershed.

Services Provided

Stunt Ranch offers a unique setting for outdoor education, field research, and public outreach. The 310-acre reserve is rich in biodiversity and comprises a variety of ecosystems. Additionally, evidence of extensive early human habitation has been recovered at Stunt Ranch, and the reserve is recognized as archeologically significant land.

Who We Serve

The reserve is available to university students, faculty, and researchers. We also encourage K-12 educational programs and local environmental-oriented outreach events to consider using the reserve. Contact us for details.

Mission and Goals

Stunt Ranch aims to be an actively used field station that supports outdoor education and California conservation science. Our staff work to create an inclusive environment that respects all peoples and cultures. The reserve encourages programs/initiatives that highlight the reserve as an archeological site for the Gabrielino/Tongva and Chumash peoples.


Partnership Inquiries

David Blake
Assistant Director

Campus Affiliation

College of Letters and Science
1201 Stunt Rd, Calabasas
Calabasas, CA 91302