Helps clinicians, researchers, school staff, & parents recognize early signs of childhood anxiety.

Services Provided

We aim to increase awareness of childhood anxiety by providing educational and skills-based workshops, lectures, virtual trainings, printable resources, and videos that focus on preventing, recognizing, and managing childhood anxiety.

Who We Serve

CARES educates adults about understanding and addressing childhood anxiety. CARES provides educational services to educators, school staff, parents, clinicians/healthcare providers, and anyone who helps kids thrive.

Mission and Goals

To reduce the burden of childhood anxiety and enhance family and community resilience through: education and prevention of childhood anxiety; training of a new generation of professionals; innovation and use of technology to enhance. our message; research of community-based strategies; and public awareness and advocacy for reaching families everywhere.


“I liked learning how to work disagreements out with my family and how to calm
myself with meditation.”

“I like that this class is helping me manage my emotions better. I can then model
positive emotions to my kids.”

“I like the class, sharing, and meeting new people. I also really like the
instructors. They are very approachable and educated.”