MEChA Calmécac offers comprehensive academic support services to all students in order to address a wide variety of needs.

Services Provided

We offer comprehensive academic support services to all students to address academic, personal, financial, and social needs. We also help foster leadership growth, build a sense of community, and help develop critical thinking.

Who We Serve

MEChA Calmecac is invested in helping Latina/o/x students to graduate and become an asset to their community.

Mission and Goals

MEChA Calmecac was established in 1989 as a student-initiated, student-run, and student-funded retention program in response to high attrition rates of Raza students and student's feelings of UCLA not properly addressing this issue.

Partnership Inquiries

(310) 267-4348

Campus Affiliation

Student Affairs
220 Westwood Plaza, Suite 105
Los Angeles, CA 90095